Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pretty Spaces: Dovey Design

Her rooms are just so lovely!

Sharing with you today the work of Interior Designer: Christine Dovey.

Her rooms are chic and feminine, modern and romantic, I think you will really like these.

"Christine Dovey is a published stylist, decorator and artist whose signature aesthetic can best be described as a blushy cocktail of delicate pretty mixed with a dash of modern edge. She believes that the most beautiful things in life are worth waiting for and that great design should feel like a gorgeous art exhibit…personal, collected and memorable."

Christine Dovey Design

To see more her visit her site at:

Christine Dovey Design


A Sparkling Jewelry Delight

If you love unique, one of a kind and vintage jewelry, you must visit 

Here you will find all sorts of wonderful little treasures from rings and brooches to bracelets, bags and accessories.

Here are few fabulous finds.

Ballet Beautiful

© Darian Volkova Дарьян Волкова

Elena Trushina Елена Трушина (Lenni Try), Mikhailovsky Ballet Миха́йловский теaтр

Stunning Alena Kovaleva, Vaganova Ballet Academy 2016 graduate and member of the Bolshoi’s corps de ballet, photographed by Katerina Kravtsova.

Ulyana Lopatkina in Swan Lake

Alina Cojocaru

Alena Kovaleva, Vaganova Ballet Academy 2016 graduate

Ekaterina Kondaurova, photographed by Nathan Sayers for Pointe Magazine

-I have to add: Ekaterina just danced ALL THREE leads from Balanchine’s “Jewels”; that is insanely difficult and so impressive. Amazing.

Anna Tikhomirova as Gamzatti.

Alena Kovaleva, Vaganova Ballet Academy 2016 graduate

Uliana Lopatkina in a Swan Lake rehearsal

Natalia Osipova dances. Pointe Magazine, Photo by Nathan Sayers.

“Ballerina! What a term! I suppose I’m a ballerina. I dance all the time. I sew my shoes in the evening. It doesn’t matter what they call me. It’s the same with reviews. I don’t worry about them—good, bad—it’s the same to me. I get pleasure from dancing. I feel myself happy. I was born to give people happiness on the stage.”

Semyon Chudin and Jurgita Dronina as Albrecht and Giselle in the Ballet Royalty Gala at Havana, Cuba.

Alena Kovaleva, Vaganova Ballet Academy 2016 graduate